How the Specialized Works


We offer Specialization courses for individuals who would like to take the opportunity to master a particular skill in a particular field. If you are wondering just who this Specialization works, here is a brief overview of the timeline of the process once you start it right until you finish it in its entirety. The process is extremely simple and straightforward:

Finishing the Course

As expected, the very first step in obtaining this Specialization certificate is to enroll yourself in the relevant courses. Unlike individual courses, a Specialization certificate comprises a series of courses each of which is necessary for you to go through in order to learn the skill properly.

You can either choose to enroll directly into the Specialization certificate or review the constituent courses and choose the one you would like to start with- it all depends on your preference! In the case that you choose an individual course in the Specialization, you will be automatically subscribed to the rest of the courses in the category.

You can always review your progress from your profile and see how many courses you have finished and how many you still have left to do. You are also able to quit or pause the course or Specialization series at any time and continue right where you left off.

Completing the Project/Task

The purpose behind a Specialization course is to enable you to master a particular skill or give you complete, holistic knowledge regarding a certain subject. That is why at the end of the Specialization series, you will be assigned a task or project that will test your understanding of the topic and practical application of the knowledge and skills you have been taught.

Completing the project or task is essential for the successful completion of the Specialization series. Unfortunately, in the case that you are unable to successfully do so, you will not be able to achieve the Specialization certificate.


Once you have completed the relevant courses in the Specialization series as well as finished your hand on project, you will be issued your very own Specialization certificate as proof of your learning achievements throughout the online course.

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