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The Arc’s Model

ARC’s Collaborative Management Model

ARC’s Collaborative Management Model (CMM) is a platform to streamline all the complex interactions, applications, collaborations, and processes that an enterprise holds.

  • ARC is unique in describing all the processes in an enterprise using three intersecting axes which are at the heart of the CMM Model. Take a look at the following illustration.
  • CMM is the framework for organizing, establishing and controlling the key business processes of an enterprise.
  • It maps existing conditions and a migration path for progress. In other words, it aligns manufacturing IT investments with their business strategy.

The following illustration depicts The ARC’s CMM model −

The Arc's CMM Model

How are the People Affected?

ARC has found through customer visits, consumer surveys, and client interviews that nearly all companies are struggling with these questions −

  • How can we leverage our existing technology to realize real measurable financial savings?
  • Where can we get the best ROI when implementing new innovations?
  • How do we get the broader team aligned as an agent for significant positive change?

After mapping the applications with the model, opportunities are more easily identified, communicated, and acted upon. With ARC’s CMM, we gain a clearer perspective for determining design, architecture, technology, applications, business processes, integration needs, user benefits, and return on investment (ROI). It helps justify the project plan and capital budget.

What are the Benefits of CMM?

CMM can ensure improved costs, quality, asset utilization, and customer satisfaction with a significant financial impact. In addition, CMM can provide the following benefits −

  • Using CMM not only helps in sharing information, but it also operates in the context of a broader business process workflow.
  • Applying CMM to operations provides a foundation for managing business processes and the next level of operational performance.

The CMM model provides a starting point for a team to define their company’s specific strategy and build consensus. The output is a credible plan with clear business benefits.

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