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Insecurity as a daily phenomenon

Insecurity as a daily phenomenon

Remember – the only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth!

For most of us taking direct control and responsibility for our develop­ment is not an easy process to contemplate. Many of us work in large organizations because we perhaps feel we would be uncomfortable working in a smaller business or in a self-employed capacity. We may feel that we need the stimulus of an office environment to keep us moti­vated and that we would just not be able to plough our own way. The result is that we have not really been forced to think of alternatives or what would happen if we lost all the comforts (or what little remains) of our corporate life tomorrow. But the fact is that we now have to do so, and also be well prepared for it happening.

For those of us who want to start a process of continuous self improve­ment we may be a little uncertain about how to begin. If you have been working with one company for several years it is very easy to neglect your skills and knowledge development and also to forget how to market yourself. However, getting stuck in a rut and losing sight of your own brand image can be overcome with real determination and planning.

The starting point in enhancing your market value as an executive is to develop a personal brand plan that systematically sets targets and mile­stones to develop your skill set and capabilities.