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Action point


Delegate anything that other people can do:

  • Better than you. Are you taking advantage of people who have more knowledge and experience of you in aspects of your role?
  • At less cost than you. Are you using your time effectively given what you earn? Are there other people who could do the work at a lower cost to your organization?
  • As part of their development and training. If you are having to do something that you think someone else should be doing, then you may well have identified a training need for that person. Use the situation to develop their skills and capabilities.
  • As part of their normal work load. Is it possible to pass activ­ities on to other people as part of their day-to-day activities? Are you holding on to things that other people could do?

Remember to delegate authority as well as responsibility and resist the temptation to hang on to all the interesting jobs yourself.

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